Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baking for the Hubby

So today I was running around, looking at recipes and trying to sketch a cake for a baby shower on the 7th and talking to John about it. He, with a serious look in his face tells me: How about you make a chocolate cake for practice? LOL I wasn't planning to make chocolate cake for the baby shower cake, but I got the hint.

Made John a Chocolate Chiffon cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache topping. I have to admit that it is from a mix, BUT I doctored up the devil's food mix and used a cake doctor's recipe- Hmmm. It has raspberry filling- the recipe in the book did not have a filling, but that's how I roll. LOL, it also has fresh rasberries and powdered sugar on top. I ate a little bit and it tasted yummy. John loved it and I'll see what Sophia says tomorrow when she gets a piece. This child LOVES cake, especially cupcakes which she calls cakeys. LOL

So here's a pic of the cake....

John deserves this cake. He's been studying very hard and he just got a 96 on one of his tests. Go daddy!!!

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  1. yummi, yo quierooooo, roomie otro talento que no te conocia