Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My creations (so far)

Here they are in chronological order. Please be warned- some of these are not for the faint of heart (yeah, I said it some of my(babies)cakes are ugly. lol)But hey, I'm improving every day- practice helps!!

First cake Wiltons course 1

Second cake- I hate these clowns (creepy!! and look at at the "professional" icing job. lol Wilton course 1

This cake I made for my friends' Cheri and Kurt's baby shwoer. (I know what kind of a friend am I, giving them this cake? hahahaha) But baby Jonas was born healthy )not thanks to me) and I offered to make his first birthday cake. They accepted- what can I say? I have great friends. lol

This is the final cake for course 1. My roses look so puny. I really must practice my Wilton rose.

My first fondant-covered cake. I'm in love. Wilton course 3

Final cake- Wilton course 3

I made this Fruit Basket for my niece's Kaylin 1st birthday. It was a princess theme-cause she's titi's little princess. I need to get a picture of her in her little tutu. Oh and I also made the invites.

Along with the fruit basket I made these chocolate princess lollipops. I also made little white chocolate wands as the favors. (need a pic)

Cupcake bouquet. Cutest thing ever.

You will notice I don't have a cake for course 2 ;( I couldn't finish the course. My instructor had an emergency and was gone for 3 weeks, when she returned my schedule had changed so I couldn't do the finale cake. I guess I'll have to retake it.

And to end this fun post, I have to say that I made my first ever marshmallow fondant and I LOVE it!! Hmmm, is just sooo yummy. I think I might eat the fondant by itself and no even bother with the cake- I can always shape it like a cake and cut it in slices. hahahaha

On that funny note, I leave you my friends (thanks Leelee for being my lone subscriber). Gotta get ready for my Gumpaste and Fondant course on Thursday. My life is all kinds of exciting.


  1. √ĎAMMMMMMMM...!! espero que pronto pueda probar uno wuju

  2. Holaaaaa Rosie!!! Aqui estoy para ver tus creaciones. Con las rosas, lo q tienes q hacer es no seguir bajando el tip cada vez q anades una hilera de petalos. Tienes q tratar de quedarte en la base y esperar que se seque cada hilera. Hope this helps!!! Como haces para fijar lus cupcakes en tu bouquet???? Mucho exitooooo!!!

  3. I am so happy to see this blog up and running! I want to see more! Go to your FB. I posted a video tutorial for you for the MMF.