Thursday, March 25, 2010

Very busy weekend!!

This weekend I made 3 cakes.

One for a bachelorette party for my freind Heidi. Sorry can't show that one here. lol

The other one for my friend Laurel's birthday. Have to get a picture of it.

The thing about those 2 cakes is that they fell, or the table fell. Yes, one of the legs on my table buckled and my cakes fell to the floor. I had to take off the fondat and start all over again. I was freaking out but with my husband's help and a glass of wine I got it done. My friends all loved the cakes.

The third cake I made was this wonderful cake. It is based (VERY) loosely on a confetti cakes cake. Sorry Elisa Strauss. This was a class at a local cake/party store.

This picture is just to show off my cake plate. I LOVE it!!! lol

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Handy Manny Cake

Hi everyone! I decorated this cake for my friend Judy. Her son (my special friend Noah I make him special valentine cards too, lol) turned 4 and I made all the decorations out of gumpaste and fondant. All the "silver" parts are painted with vanilla extract and pearl dust.

She bought the cake already assembled so i couldn't cover the tiers with fondant like I wanted to ;(.

Hope you like...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anatomy of a Cake!!!

These are pictures of a cake I made for my friends Matt and Casey's baby shower. The flavor was vanilla butter cake with Bavarian Cream and chocolate Bavarian cream filling. The fondat is homemade Marshmallow fondant. Yummy!!

Here they are, enjoy.

Cakes baked

Cakes filled and ready to be frosted

Cakes frosted

Cake covered in fondant, stacked and ready for the Partay!!

Topper made out of gumpaste to look like the invites.

What do you think, does it look like the invite?

I also made the favors:

The best part of it all was that everyone loved the cake (big bumps and all) and the flavor too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

And now back to the business at hand:


Hey everyone. Yes, I know I've been gone forever. But I have a good reason. I've been super busy BAKING!!! Don't believe me? Well, the proof is in the pudding (ehem, frosting)

Here's my Finale Cake for course 4. Isn't it cute? well, I think so, so there.

These cuties are based* on Bakerella's mini pumkin pies. I loved making them.

*and yes, I meant loosely based

And this is the adorable cupcake bouquet. LOVE it!! Thanks Amalia!!!

That's it for now, folks. But I promise I'll be posting the Anatomy of a Cake tomorrow or maybe Saturday.

You come on back, you hear!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baking for the Hubby

So today I was running around, looking at recipes and trying to sketch a cake for a baby shower on the 7th and talking to John about it. He, with a serious look in his face tells me: How about you make a chocolate cake for practice? LOL I wasn't planning to make chocolate cake for the baby shower cake, but I got the hint.

Made John a Chocolate Chiffon cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache topping. I have to admit that it is from a mix, BUT I doctored up the devil's food mix and used a cake doctor's recipe- Hmmm. It has raspberry filling- the recipe in the book did not have a filling, but that's how I roll. LOL, it also has fresh rasberries and powdered sugar on top. I ate a little bit and it tasted yummy. John loved it and I'll see what Sophia says tomorrow when she gets a piece. This child LOVES cake, especially cupcakes which she calls cakeys. LOL

So here's a pic of the cake....

John deserves this cake. He's been studying very hard and he just got a 96 on one of his tests. Go daddy!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My creations (so far)

Here they are in chronological order. Please be warned- some of these are not for the faint of heart (yeah, I said it some of my(babies)cakes are ugly. lol)But hey, I'm improving every day- practice helps!!

First cake Wiltons course 1

Second cake- I hate these clowns (creepy!! and look at at the "professional" icing job. lol Wilton course 1

This cake I made for my friends' Cheri and Kurt's baby shwoer. (I know what kind of a friend am I, giving them this cake? hahahaha) But baby Jonas was born healthy )not thanks to me) and I offered to make his first birthday cake. They accepted- what can I say? I have great friends. lol

This is the final cake for course 1. My roses look so puny. I really must practice my Wilton rose.

My first fondant-covered cake. I'm in love. Wilton course 3

Final cake- Wilton course 3

I made this Fruit Basket for my niece's Kaylin 1st birthday. It was a princess theme-cause she's titi's little princess. I need to get a picture of her in her little tutu. Oh and I also made the invites.

Along with the fruit basket I made these chocolate princess lollipops. I also made little white chocolate wands as the favors. (need a pic)

Cupcake bouquet. Cutest thing ever.

You will notice I don't have a cake for course 2 ;( I couldn't finish the course. My instructor had an emergency and was gone for 3 weeks, when she returned my schedule had changed so I couldn't do the finale cake. I guess I'll have to retake it.

And to end this fun post, I have to say that I made my first ever marshmallow fondant and I LOVE it!! Hmmm, is just sooo yummy. I think I might eat the fondant by itself and no even bother with the cake- I can always shape it like a cake and cut it in slices. hahahaha

On that funny note, I leave you my friends (thanks Leelee for being my lone subscriber). Gotta get ready for my Gumpaste and Fondant course on Thursday. My life is all kinds of exciting.